To get the most out of your vehicle and maximise its potential, you need equipment that makes it as efficient as possible. With a lift gate you make light work to almost any project safely and faster than before. An ordinary pick-up truck can become a powerful business machine, broadening the scope of its abilities beyond what was previously thought possible. With a lift gate you and your vehicle can get the job done.

Pickup Lift Series
Tommy Gate's Pickup Lift Series lift gates are specifically designed to fit today's popular models of full-size work pickup trucks (models are available for compact pickup trucks as well).  

Service / Utility Body Series
Tommy Gate's Service/Utility Body Series lift gates are specifically designed to fit today's popular models of service or utility truck bodies.

Cargo Van Series
Cargo vans and Sprinter vans are also used as work trucks. 
For those applications that need a lift gate for lifting and lowering assistance, Tommy Gate offers two different models for cargo and Sprinter vans: the outside bolt-on Model 64P and 72P and the inside-mount Model 650.

Flatbed, Stake and Van Series
All of Tommy Gate's Flatbed, Stake and Van Series lift gates feature application-specific features and enough options to help you put together the perfect lift gate package for your needs.

Lift N Dump Series
For applications that require both a dump-through tail gate and a lift gate, the Lift N Dump lift gate models offer the opportunity to have both in one package.

Rail Gate Series
For medium duty applications on flatbed, box van and stake bodies, Tommy Gate's rail gates and lift gates offer a range of different platforms, models and configurations. From Treadplate Steel to Extruded Aluminium to the Gas Bottle Rack, there are many opportunities to configure a rail gate to meet your needs.

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